Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fave Manis And Random Question Of The Week

I hope you have all had a magically fantastical weekend so far! It's been a good one for me! This blog has been so much fun and I've  gotten to meet some seriously awesome people! I have also looked at, literally, hundreds of manis this week - especially due to the 31 day challenge that's going on in the nail blog world. They were all amazing but there were a few that really stuck out to me and I wanted to give them a little nod here on my blog. So here are my fave 3 of this week!

This first one is from my friend Dot over at Young Wild and Polished. Her name is actually Nicole, but it was her alter ego Dot that did this mani! How fun is this?
Nicki Minaj mani

Now here is a truly "ooh-ahhhhhh!" mani from Jeanette over at The Swatchaholic! This is what she calls "baby steps" in water marbling! I just keep staring at this one because there's so much awesomeness going on here!

Subtle Multichrome Galaxy Water Marble Water Marbling nail art with Ninja Polish Alexandrite Facets Girly Bits Street Magic Girly Bits Shift Happens and a black creme
Next up is from Bregje over at Oooh, Shinies! I was SO in love with this beautiful color combo that I went and ordered both of the polishes! Now I just need to get that stamping plate!
First Fall mani
And finally comes the prettiest water marble I have ever seen! It reminded me of candy and Summer and who doesn't love that! The crazy part is that Sarah from Chalkboard Nails admits to struggling with water marbles. If that's struggling, sign me up!
Wow, now thems is some purdy nailz! I'm beginning to feel just a little bit of hero worship here, lol!
Now onto the random question of the week. I'm a total weirdo and I don't mind showing it to the world so I'm hoping to bring out the little bit of weirdo in you too! So here is the question, I'd be much obliged if you would post your answer in the comments!
Q: If you could make a hat out of any food, what would it be?
(told you I was weird!)


  1. Very sweet of you Linds!! Thanks u!! These r some pretty sexy mani's!!

    1. Absolutely! It's my privelage to be surrounded by so much awesomeness!

  2. This is a wonderful round up. I've thought long and hard about your question but I just ... can't think of ANYTHING. I'm always finding too many problems with the things I love:

    Ice cream hat would melt.
    Puffy pastry hat? Too flaky.
    Cheese hat would kind of stink and melt in the summer.
    Pumpkin hat would be really heavy...


    Oohh, sushi hat?? Sure! I would like a hat made of sushi.


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