Friday, April 12, 2013

Work Appropriate Tape Mani

Happy wonderful Friday!! I'm not even sure I'm ready for Friday because I'm not sure how it got here... I remember Monday and then BOOM! Oh well, as long as it's here, I won't question it - don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?
The mani I have today is so not "me" but I really ended up loving it anyway. That gorgeous bronzy, shimmery color is L'Oreal's Brit Invasion. This was one of the first polishes on my wishlist and I've had it for quite some time but I've just now gotten around to using it. It's really beautiful and I couldn't quite capture it in these photos. The gorgeous gray-blue color is L'Oreal's Rainy Piccadilly. It had a great crelly-type formula and is such a lovely color! I'm sure I'll clash with most bloggers out there as most people are posting lovely, bright, colorful nails and here I am with a Fall-type mani - oh well! I always had to be different growing up so why change now? I couldn't decide on whether or not to add the striping tape so I consulted my fashion 6 yr old daughter and she said it was a must! Once I had it on, I actually wished I didn't but it was a little late for that and it gives it a little "bling" that it was lacking otherwise!
Nails4Dummies - Work Appropriate Nails

Nails4Dummies - Work Appropriate Nails
Nails4Dummies - Work Appropriate Nails
I'm so excited - my hubby and I will get to go on an actual date tonight! My mom is taking my two older daughters for the night and my mother-in-law is watching the baby while we're out on the town!! Woo-hoo! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Oh yeah, if you are interested in participating in a short-term nailart challenge, let me know! I'm thinking of a challenge where we post twice a week for 3-5 weeks (don't have that figured out yet), so a total of anywhere from 6 to 10 manis. It's sure to be a good time so let me know! :)


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