Friday, April 5, 2013

Holographic Paint Splatter Nails

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!! I didn't know if it would ever come! I'm so excited because my husband has the next 9 days off of work! Ask me how I feel at the end of the 9 days... lol!
So, a couple of nights ago, I was searching for nailspiration and asked on twitter if anyone had any ideas. My friend Wes from Polish Me Manly said, "holos." That wasn't enough detail for me so he suggested holo splatter nails. Holo? Splatter? Why yes Wes, that's a fabulous idea!! I was a little nervous as I had never done splatter nails with polish before and usually use acrylic paints. But I dove right in and went for it! I didn't have a straw to splatter with so I put a few drops of polish thinner in each puddle of polish and used a paint brush to splatter on the polish and I think it turned out pretty sweet!
This polishes I used are a base of THE black, a England - Camelot. Then I splattered on with Color Club in Wild At Heart, Cloud Nine and Harp On It.
This first pic was taken in my light box. I took somewhere around 30 pics in my lightbox but was unable to capture the holo goodness as you can see...
Nails4Dummies - Holographic Paint Splatter Nails
So then I dragged my camera outside and yeaaaaah buddy, isn't she gorgeous??
Nails4Dummies - Holographic Paint Splatter Nails

Nails4Dummies - Holographic Paint Splatter Nails
As good as it turned out, I have some even better ideas for next time! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Mwah!


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