Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lancome Rose Boudoir Swatch and Review

Hello sweetpeas! I had the best nail mail day yesterday and got all kinds of new polishes that I've never tried! It was really hard for me to choose so Aneela from Rise and Shine Beauty suggested I try the Lancome Rose Boudoir and that solved that! :)

I was instantly in love with this polish. I've always loved Lancome's cosmetics but this was my first time trying their polish - it certainly didn't disappoint! It applied like a dream and was smooth and even on the first coat. I used to coats for more opacity. You can still see a VNL in the photos but I really didn't care! This polish was a gorgeous pink/red creamy shade and it was so beautiful! I normally only spend half this amount on polish but this stuff was so worth it! :) Ignore the bubbles, those are due to my really thick top coat - I need to go shopping for a new one!

This shot was taken in the shade, the color ended up being darker than I imagined but I really love it!
Lancome Rose Boudoir swatch

This was indirect sunlight which brightens the color up a little and brings out the pink!
Lancome Rose Boudoir swatch

This polish gets a 9 from me. The only thing that would make it a 10 was if it could reach full opacity in 1 coat! What do you guys thing, would you wear this? Oh, and here are pics of my haul from yesterday and I still have more coming! :o

Nail mail haul

Nail mail haul



  1. Thank you for the mention! The polish looks great on you! I think I might have to try some Lancome! Would you say it's a jelly finish, or just on the sheer side? Also, where do you buy Pomegranate nail polish? xoxo

    1. I would say it's more like a creme but maybe a little sheer. But even at one coat there was a LOT of color! You can buy Pomegranate at The two I got were 50% off! They also now have free shipping if you spend enough - I'm not sure how much that is. Their polish is gorgeous!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it though? I'm thoroughly hooked on this brand now!


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