Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wet n Wild Megalast Swatch and Review

So this time around I actually took my time painting my nails and it certainly turned out better. I know it's faaaaar from great, but I'll get there one TINY bit at a time! One of my biggest problems is that I end up putting the polish on way too thick - I think that's why I ended up with bubbles. :( After I took these photos I tried desperately to do some stamping on them too but that just ended in an acetone bath for my nails! I should have taken photos of the disaster so you would have something to laugh at today! I'd like to think that everyone of you started off this badly but even I'm not that big of a dummy!

The photos turned out decent, they show the true color of he polish. I just wish I didn't have topcoat all over my cuticle!

Wet n Wild Megalast - Through The Grapevine

Wet n Wild Megalast - Through The Grapevine
This was Wet n Wild Megalast Through The Grapevine. It went on really nicely and this was only 1 coat! I do adore a nice creme polish! They also have a new, wide professional brush that I'm really diggin'! It's tapered at the end to help you get a nice curve at the cuticle. For $2 this was an exceptional polish and I will be trying more from this line! It leveled out very nicely on the nail as well which is something I have trouble with.

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