Friday, September 21, 2012

First Ever Swatch Request!

Wheeee, I was so excited to get my first swatch request! It came from Ellie at Just Me...And Some Polish! She wanted to see Sinful Colors What's Your Name up close and personal.
I honestly don't have any clue why I bought this polish and I don't remember doing so. But at first glance it just looked like a black base with green micro glitters in it and maybe that's why I've never tried it? But when I pulled it out this time I noticed some blue and purple shades in the glitter as well so my interest in this polish was renewed. It went on very nicely and took just 2 thin coats. Unfortunately, once it was on, I could only see mostly green and an occasional hint of blue, no matter what light I tried. I never could see the purple, not even in real life. The pictures look exactly like I was seeing it - have a look:

This one is with straight on studio lighting. I was almost wishing that I took the pictures without a topcoat because, boy howdy, this stuff was shin-ay!
This one is under the ceiling light with flash...
This puppy is under the ott lamp and you can see a bit more blue here!
And this little guy was shot in indirect light outside, kinda pretty!
And just so you don't think I was imagining it, look at all the purple in this macro shot! Now if it only would have looked that way on the nail it would have been a winner!
So if you like really dark polish that sparkles in the sun, you'll love this but for someone who spends most of her time indoors, it was a little bit too black for me!
I have a buttload of new polish coming next week as well as the 2012 Mash plates! I made orders at Amazon, Pomegranate and also Sephora! :) I will post the haul when I get it and until then, feel free to request swatches of any of the polishes I have here!


  1. Omg Lindsay! I just found this post! I was away that weekend and obviously didn't see it but spotted it today. Thank you soooo much for doing this for me, It really is a stunning polish. I love vampy colours so this is right up my street :)

    1. Lol, no worries, glad you like it! The color is a little dark for me but it is pretty!


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