Monday, September 17, 2012

The Most Pathetic Mani In Nail Blogging History

Okay...let me make fun of myself before everyone else gets to it! I realize this is a terrible mani but let me make a few excuses for myself first!

1.) This IS Nails 4 DUMMIES - what did you expect!
2.) This is seriously a learning process for me, until yesterday I didn't know that you were even supposed to leave space between your cuticle and the polish!
3.) This mani is a full day old so it's not lookin' the best AND it's only 1 coat so I was impressed by that!
4.) I'm in cuticle rehab here, I know they're ugly, we'll work on that! Okay, with that said, here's the photos, feel free to point and laugh!

Pathetic mani - purple suede
So, you see the weird grooves at the base of my nails, especially the ring finger? Yeah...don't use a cuticle cutter unless you know what you're doing!!! It cut right into my nails, eek!
That being said, this is a pretty cool polish. It's a new suede effect from Avon. It went on really weird for me and dried really fast but still leveled out pretty good. Like I said before, this was only 1 coat and it's totally opaque except for that weird spot on the pinkie, I'm not sure what happened there!
Then I went over the mani with some Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love mattifying topcoat so I didn't lose the suede effect.
Aaaaand, after seeing these photos I'm gonna go moisturize my cuticles! HA!

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