Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Another Nail Blog?

So why, with so many nail blogs out there would I want to create another? Good question! The main reason that I'm doing this is because I love to talk - I love the socialization and since I don't have any friends offline I have to get my fix somewhere! I think I don't have any friends because I'm one of those "lazy friends" that never calls and never asks you to go anywhere or do anything - ha!

Another reason is because I am a chronic cuticle chewer. It's awful! It's actually not technically my cuticles but the skin around my fingernails - gross right? Now you know why I don't have any friends! Look at this ~
chewed up cuticles

chewed up thumb
~ and that's actually good compared to what it has been! I'm hoping that posting pictures of my hands on the net wil force me to stop trying to eat them!
Also, I have been incredibly inspired by some other beautiful nail blogs recently and I kept thinking to myself, "I want to be part of that group!!!" So you would assume that I have some artistic talent, right? You, my friend, would be wrong! In fact, last time I painted my nails I made one heck of a mess but I keep trying anyway and I love all of the pretty colors!
Now you might understand the name of the blog because by now you're probably thinking, "wow...this chick's an idiot!" I hope not!!! Actually I was hoping that I could take you all on this journey with me and make it an interactive thingamajig!
So, please, leave me some comments and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see this dummy try with her nails. I've currently started a regimine of Nail Magic to harden my nails, Burt's Bees Cuticle Balm to try and soften up my ragged cuticles and Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream to make my skin all soft and nice!
Stay tuned very soon for pictures of my tiny stash! I'm taking inventory now so that I can see how bad my obsession gets! Because, unfortunately, I'm like a magpie and every time I see a new polish I'm like, Ooh, shiny! The only thing that stops me from having a massive collection is because I'm a broke mother of 4 with bills! :)


  1. I hear ya! I'm a broke mother of 2 and would love to be able to buy every polish I see but hey ho... the kids need fed and watered... XD I'm terrible! ha! Anyhoo, welcome to this crazy world of nail bloggers and hope you have loads of fun creating nail art. :)

  2. Those kids are so demanding, sheesh!


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