Monday, November 12, 2012

The Lazy 15 Mani #5 - Galaxy Nails

Okay, so I have to admit that this challenge had me worried! I have never done a galaxy mani before and it looks so complicated! But with a good video tutorial and some patience, I don't mind how it turned out at all! I will admit, however that this was my second try. The first time I tried to be too "perfect" with my design and you just can't do that with this one. You have to let go and trust that it will turn out right in the end because as I was doing this I didn't think it looked very good. I pushed through anyway and when I was done and stepped back from the process, I was actually surprised that it really looked like a galaxy!
Have you tried out this mani yet? You really should, it's fun and you'll be surprised at the cool results you'll end up with!

Galaxy Nails1

Galaxy Nails
The polishes used were as follows:
Maybelline Color Show - Blue Freeze
NYC Long Wearing - French White Tip ( I actually preferred this to my OPI Alpine Snow for this mani because it wasn't as opaque and you don't want big, obvious globs of white on this mani!)
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - Hard Lemonade
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Fuschia Bling Bling
Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine - Tickled Pink (I mixed this and Fuschia Bling Bling together to get the perfect pink!)
NYC In A New York Minute - Water Street Blue
L.A. Colors - Sassy Sparkle
Now go forth, check out the other challenge entries and try out this mani for yourself!


  1. Wow - really pretty. I was exactly the same - I was convinced it looked a mess until right at the end!

  2. So pretty! I haven't tried this look because I too would try to make it too perfect lol!

  3. These are so freaking awesome!!!!! Galaxy nails are one of my favorite nail art techniques and you totally nailed this one. BRAVOOO :D heheh

  4. This is sooooo pretty :) I love it x

  5. Prettiness <3 And I can see some glitter in the pics so I'm sure they look even more eye-popping in real life =) x

  6. I think is very galaxy like! and you chose the colours so well. I've never done a galaxy mani, but is think yours is great!


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