Friday, October 5, 2012

Stampin' Stars Mani

Happy Friday everyone!! I am soooooo ready for the weekend. I have had way too much work to do and am totally burnt out! I had so many ideas of what mani to do today but I just kept running out of time because the baby decided she wanted to be with me every second of the day! Of course, I had to oblige her and we spent most of the day cuddling :) So first I put down a black base. There's something so awesome about a super glossy black polish and this is my favorite right now. It's Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Black - creative, right? It goes on so nicely and only takes one coat for perfection! I had to take photos of it with just the black because it was so pretty, do you want to see? Too bad - here you go!

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails BlackSally Hansen Hard As Nails Black

Then I really struggled with what I wanted to do on the black base. What I finally settled on were some Mash plate stars stamped in Pronto Purple. I love the way it looks. It may not be exciting but it was still cool! So that's what I'll apologize for this time I guess, because it's not very exciting!
Sally Hansen Insta Dry Pronto Purple stamp mani

Sally Hansen Insta Dry Pronto Purple stamp mani
I'm going to try and give the baby another pedi today and maybe have the pics up tomorrow, we'll see if she's up for it and if I'm feeling patient enough! :) Oh, and I forgot to watermark these photos but I didn't want to delete them and do it late at night so if you steal it I will curse you. I will curse you so hard. I will also send my minions after you - so don't steal!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the colour combo!

    Jazz x

  2. This is so subtle and pretty - my favorite kind of stamping mani!!

  3. I love stars on nails and these look just amazing on the black. Good eye! ;)


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