Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inspiration Vomit Mani

 So, today's mani didn't end up as I had it pictured in my head! I think it's because I spend too much time looking at a bunch of other sweet nail art that my brain gets filled up with so many fantastic ideas at once and this is what you get...inspiration barf! For vomit I think it looks pretty good!

I really don't have my own aesthetic figured out yet. I gravitate towards really bright, loud colors but the manis I find prettiest are on the soft, subtle side and the two don't mix. I think that's why I've had success with paint splatter and water marble manis!

This beauty is 3 coats ( I think!) of China Glaze Flying Dragon then a pointless stripe of CG Jungle Queen somewhere under that sparkle. Why you ask? That's all part of not having a clear idea of what I wanted to do before I started! First I was going to add a couple studs, then carefully placed loose glitter then that turned into me painting a big glob of top coat on my nail and then dipping it in a big pile of glitter and voila!
China Glaze Flying Dragon glitter maniChina Glaze Flying Dragon glitter mani

China Glaze Flying Dragon glitter mani
It's pretty for vomit though, right? Do you guys ever have troubles with too many ideas? That's why I really like the idea of a challenge. In fact, I like the idea so much that some other awesome bloggers and I will be doing a challenge in November called The Lazy 15. It's named that because we didn't want to do a whole 30/31 day challenge because...well, we're lazy! Also, we're not doing daily posting but on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. You are ALL welcome to join in, we will be setting up an inLinkz for the challenge. The more the merrier, so join us!!!
Here's the lineup for the challenge and the dates! Start doing these now so you can get ahead!!
Friday Nov 2nd      1)Tape mani
Monday Nov 5       2) Gradient
Wed Nov 7             3) Dots
Fri Nov 9                4) Water Marble
Mon Nov 12           5) Galaxy Nails
Wed Nov 14           6) Favorite Color
Fri Nov 16              7) Feminine Nails
Mon Nov 19           8) Dessert
Wed Nov 21           9) Disney movies/characters
Fri Nov 23            10) Underwater Creatures inc. Water Mythical Creatures
Mon Nov 26         11) Fireworks/Bonfire night
Wed Nov 28         12) Fairy Tale
Fri Nov 30            13) Guilty Pleasure
Mon Dec 3            14) Where I'm from (a mani inspired by where you live!)
Wed Dec 5            15) Inspired by another blogger's mani
If you have questions or want details, ask in the comments or find me on Twitter! :)  


  1. I like it! It's very pretty! I wish I had the problem of too many ideas, lol.

    1. Ugh, I don't know if it's a good problem, I can never get my thoughts ordered enough to get one to come out correctly!

  2. Wow I really like these! I always gravitate towards bright and sparkly too but thats not a bad thing! :) So pretty!

  3. Replies
    1. IKR?! I had to be careful while I was driving so I didn't blind myself!

  4. I want in on this Lazy Challenge - I want in on any challenge, but lazy sounds just about right - how to do I sign up yo?!? I love the name of this post and was expecting something vomitus but this totally isn't!! You'll find your stride, just keep at er'!!

    1. Yay!!! You don't need to do anything to sign up, when Nov 2nd rolls around just grab the inLinkz tool - I'll have it posted here on my blog and that's all! :)


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