Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pretty, Red & Sparkly!

What's better than that? The main polish I used here was Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Red Velvet. It is of my favorites in my stash. The gorgeous red sparkle in this really does make it appear velvety. I was disappointed that there was no sun when I wanted to photograph this because only in the sun can you see the true sparkle of this beauty but I did my my best! The accent finger is Sephora By OPI in Be-Clause I Said So.

This time I will apologize for the fail on glitter shot, if I could control the sun I totally would! I really wish the sun had been shining!

Red Velvet mani

Red Velvet maniRed Velvet mani
See you all Monday morning with a BCA mani!


  1. I'm loving these sally hansen polishes so wish that I picked them up when I had the chance! Gorgeous red!

    Jazz x

  2. Pretty color on you!! I love the glitter accent nail!


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