Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My First Indie - Different Dimension

Hello my sweets! How are you this fine Wed morning/afternoon/evening or whatever time it is in your part of the world?? I am doing fantastic! Today is another first for me - imagine that! I think it's fun that you guys get to be here when I experience each of these firsts...I swear I didn't mean that to sound weird!

One day I was minding my own business, tweeting away when Sara over at Chalkboard Nails just had to mention that Different Dimensions on Etsy was having a polish sale for just $5 a bottle! So of course I had to look and of course I had to buy one...or 5. She has some seriously cool polishes in there! I was a little worried because a lot of indies seem to be glitter toppers with not a whole lot of substance. Then I met Warm Fuzzies and it was love at first sight! I know it's weird but brown is my second favorite nail polish color and this one was a stunner! It's got such shimmer and color and it's such a smooth texture and goes on like a dream and just settles herself right down! This mani only took two coats for perfection. On the accent nail I added one coat of Honesty Feels A Lot Like Mean which is an awesome copper and pink glitter that goes on perfectly! Here's what you came to see...
Different Dimensions mani

Bonus macros for you because I love you! Do you SEE all that lovely shimmer? This polish looks like velvet, I love it!!

Different DimensionsDifferent Dimensions
I would have to say that the only negative I have is that this polish dries slower than what I'm used to. Now that's not necessarily taking away from the polish - I'm just insanely impatient! I put on the second coat before the first was completely dry and then proceeded to put on a thick top coat before those were dry as well because that's how I roll! All in all, I certainly will be ordering from Different Dimensions again, the polish is fantastical!


  1. Oooooh that polish is so gorgeous!

    Jazz x

  2. That's an amazing colour! I need to see if I can get some delivered to the UK!! X

    1. Thank you for following - I'm a total fan! Let me know if she doesn't ship to the US and I will ship some to you! :)

  3. Pretty color! Never heard of that brand before, will check it out right away!!!! And I also have to check if they ship internationally........


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