Friday, February 1, 2013

Sammiches Are Good!

I just love that all of you get to come along with me for all of my nail art firsts! This time around it's my first jelly sandwich! I'm not sure what took me so long to getting around to doing this but I suppose it was my lack of jelly polishes! When I saw this yellow jelly, however, I had to have it and I picked up the glitter polish at Walgreen's and had a $1 off coupon so it only cost about $2! I really like how it turned out and will likely do one again soon!

The polishes I used are Revlon Top Speed in Crystal Glow and the glitter is Wet 'n Wild from the Fergie collection called Kaleidoscope Eyes. What do you think, did I do okay?? My only problem I ran into is that I'm NOT patient and I sat down and did all 3 layers, one right after the other so it took FOREVAH to dry!!

Yellow Jelly Sandwich - Nails4Dummies

Yellow Jelly Sandwich - Nails4Dummies
Yellow Jelly Sandwich - Nails4Dummies

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