Monday, December 3, 2012

The Lazy 15 Mani #14 - Where I'm From!

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry I've been a little MIA this last week! Work has been crazy busy in addition to doing craft fairs and taking care of three small children! Something just had to give and since the kids insist on being fed and clothed, I decided it was my nails! I actually did this mani on Thursday night because I thought it was supposed to be the Friday prompt and shortly after I started I realized my mistake. I could have taken off the base coats but I was already excited about my USA mani and inspiration is hard to come by these days so I went with it!
I also want to apologize to all the other participants of The Lazy 15 challenge. I started this whole thing but I think I've missed 3 of the challenges at this point. The reason is simple. I don't like to be told what to do! It just isn't my style to plan and I totally prefer to fly by the seat of my pants! I don't think it would have been so bad if I would have gotten ahead of the challenges but I was doing them late the night before! It will probably be a long time before I do another challenge, if ever!
USA Mani
 I'm really loving this mani, it was a lot of fun and so random! I think my thumb is my favorite!

USA Mani
USA Mani
Here is what I used, finger by finger:
Pinkie: Finger Paints - Laugh My Art Off, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Red Velvet (one of my faves!) and some tape!
Ring finger: China Glaze - Adventure Red-y, Pure Ice - French Kiss and some silver glequins.
Middle finger: China Glaze - Glistening Snow ( I can NOT get this polish to stay on my fingers! It always peels completely off in one whole piece!), Pure Ice - French Kiss and a paper punch and some painter's tape.
Index finger: OPI - Alpine Snow, Pure Ice - French Kiss, China Glaze - Adventure Red-y, Gosh - Silver and a dotting tool!
Thumb: Pure Ice - French Kiss and striping tape. The tape that looks pinkish was actually a bright red but for some reason, when I added the top coat it changed color a little but I still love it!

I missed you all and I hope to not fall off the grid again any time soon! :)


  1. LOVE it! So sparkly and amazing it really it so beautiful!! :)

  2. SOOOO CUTE!!!! I love the first finger the best :)

  3. This is lovely! So creative x x x

  4. Come on, don't feel guilty! You've provided us with tons of fun, started this great challenge (you are responsible for me having to host a 100GFC followers giveaway soon! xD), and, at the end of the day, it was called 'lazy' for a reason - we get to do what we want :) Those challenges are about enjoying ourselves, so go at your own pace, by all means.

    As for the manicure, i'm once again amazed by your nail are skills (while i shouldn't really be, i've never doubted them, but you manage to surprise me with every post), and i especially LOVE the dotted pointer finger - fuuun!

  5. Oooh, pretty! This looks so sparkly and yeah, there's no doubt you're from the US :D

    Also, I agree with Yulia, you shouldn't feel guilty =) I have absolutely loved this challenge =)

  6. Hey I gave you a Liebster Award, it's not really an award just a fun little game to get to know new blogs!


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