Wednesday, January 30, 2013


ALRIGHT!!! Who took my week? 'Cause it's Wednesday and I don't remember Monday or Tuesday! Ugh, actually, work is crazy and I have two kids with eye and ear infections - yuck!!!

I was totally debating on whether or not I should post this mani because I'm not a huge fan of it but I decided that after taking the time to do it, I was going to show you my hard work! The base is two coats of Catrice - Twist of Lemon which I made matte with Lancome Magique topcoat. Then I stamped it with a England Camelot and Bundle Monster plate 313. I really love that Bundle Monster is making the positive and negative images for some of their designs, it makes it so much easier to do a complete mani without having to thing too hard and I like that!

These came out looking a little like a giraffe print which I didn't intend when I started but, then again, my nails don't usually end up the way I intended!

Giraffe Nails - BM 313

Giraffe Nails - BM 313


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