Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let Me Apologize...

...for sucking at blogging recently! Things have been super crazy in all parts of my life! The kids started back to school and that's meant getting up earlier and more running taxi during the day. Then work has also been very busy and on top of that I have applied for a new position at work so that's been niggling at my poor, little brain! Then we also went camping last weekend which, of course, required 10 days of prepping for 3 days of camping, lol! I've also got some voiceover projects I've been working on and on top of all of that, the baby is teething and has been a little bear!

I actually have some really awesome manis that I'm really excited to share with you but I'm still in the photo editing process! That's my least favorite step and takes the longest. It seems like I just get started on it and something comes up to interrupt me and I don't get back to it.

Not to fear though, I haven't forgotten about all of you wonderful people and I'm hoping that I have something on this old blog very soon. I'm also hoping that, with summer over (BOOOOOO!), things will calm down a bit and I can do more regular posting. Unless I get a new position at work... which would mean training...and more hours...and more stress... Ahhhhhhhhhh! Don't worry, I'll be okay - I promise - just hang in there with me because I also have some fantastic video ideas and product reviews - yayyyy!

Oh yeah, and I know that I suck but I did notify the winners of the giveaway, so if you didn't get notified - SORRY! Thank you all SOOOOOOO much for participating, I will definitely be doing it again sometime! MWAH!


  1. Understandable! We all get busy and sometimes blogging gets put under the radar. No worries, but looking forward to seeing more posts!

  2. We'll be here waiting for your wonderfull manis :-). No problem at all.

  3. Never apologize for putting your family first. :)


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