Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Excuses, Excuses! And A Jelly Blob Mani!

Uhhhh... the dog ate my polish? I got hit by a bus? Aliens abducted me? Are any of those excuses working? No? Okay then... I just got lazy! The trip I took to Oklahoma took a lot out of me from getting ready for the trip to actually going and then recovery time. I have also been really hard on my nails and have been chewing on my cuticles again!!! So my hands are in hiding for a little bit until I can get them looking good enough for a public appearance! Thank goodness I have a few manis saved up for you to look at while I heal! Because trust me, these babies are UGLY! I haven't had anything on my nails for over a month and during that time I've been cleaning, moving furniture and all sorts of harsh stuff and it shows!

This mani was originally going to be a paint splatter style nailart but it really just came out looking like what I'm calling, "jelly blobs!" I really don't mind though because it's bright and fun and I like the way it turned out! :)
Nails4Dummies - Jelly Blob Nails

Nails4Dummies - Jelly Blob Nails

Nails4Dummies - Jelly Blob Nails

So whaddya think? The white is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On. The pretty blobs were made using neon acrylic pain and a dotting tool and were super easy and fun! I sure hope some of you missed me because I missed you all very much! Am I allowed back in the cult community? Pretty please with sugar on top?


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