Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Comeback...Of Sorts

Ummm, hi? My name is Lindsey...we've met. Don't remember me? Wellllllllll, that's because I fell of the face of the planet! Seriously though? I got an awesome promotion at work and had a lot of training to do and I've gone from working 25 hours per week to 40 hours! Between that and the fact that I had at least one of my kids or myself sick for over a month and it's been a rough time. But look, now we're on the other side (sort of) and I'm so excited to be back! I definitely can't guarantee that I will post regularly but I will try!

For now I will be posting manis that I actually did months ago. Because of that, I may not always know or remember the polishes I used. I apologize for that in advance but I'm working up to this whole blogging thing!

Here's what I have for you today...

 Due to the metallic nature of this paint, I had a hard time getting a good shot but you get what you get and you don't upset, right? This gradient was actually done with metallic acrylic paints and a cosmetic sponge.

In these next photos I added some stamping using some stamping plate and some nail polish, lol! I'm too lazy look up the plate and I don't remember the polish... my bad. Aren't you glad I'm back now?

I'm sorry for the craptasticness of this post but I feel like I'm new at this all over again! It's good to be back and it can only get better from here, right? Right. I missed you all and I hope that you still love me after all of this time!


  1. Welcome back, this is beautiful! I've missed you lots but it's been nice reading over old blog posts xx

  2. Cute manicure and welcome back!


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